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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I keep my child home from school?

  • Temp. 100.0F or above (child fever free for 24hrs without fever reducing medicine for return to school).
  • Vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24hrs.
  • Unexplained rash or draining sores (Physician note required for return to school).  
  • Pink or red eyes with drainage (see 'Administative Regulations').
  • Common cold with elevated temperature or in active stage with coughing, sneezing, runny nose or copious secretions.
  • A physician’s note is required for a student who has recovered from a communicable disease and is returning to school. The student must be seen by the school nurse before a final determination is made.
What should I do if my child needs to take medication while in school?
  • Contact the school nurse.
  • Download the district "Authorization for Medication Administration" form from the "Health Forms" link at the Wilson School Health Office page. 
  • Complete parent section on top half of form. Have physician complete MD order section and and physician signature on the lower half of the form. 
  • Please be sure the physician indicates name and dosage of medication and instructions for administration on the form.
  • Deliver medication in box that is labeled from pharmacy (or in the original box for an over-the-counter medication) with expiration date valid through the end of the school year (July or later) .
  • Medication administration form MUST accompany medication.
  • PARENTS must bring medication and form to school. Students MAY NOT bring medication to or from school. 
What should I do if my child is injured and unable to take gym?

  • Contact the school nurse.
  • If the student is using any orthopedic devices,(brace, cast, crutches, etc.) a physician note is required stating level of activity allowed and length of time for exemption.

What should I do if my child cannot attend school?

  • Call the main office 789-4605/4611 and speak to one of the secretaries.
  • Please be sure to indicate reason for your child's absence.
  • You may leave a message on our answering machine at any time before or after school hours. Please speak clearly.