Health Services

Wilson Elementary School 
Health Office 


Mary Beth Finn, MS, RN-C, CSN-NJ 
School Nurse 
[email protected]
FAX: (908) 789-2890
Just a reminder...if your child is absent for any reason, please call the Main Office (789-4611) and leave a message 24/7 regarding the nature of the absence. We track all illnesses. 


Current Health Issues - Coronavirus (COVID-19)  Resources
The NJ Department of Children and Families is continuing to monitor the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus and its impact on children and families. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and NJ Department of Health are providing ongoing guidance and direction regarding necessary precautions and action plans for schools.
The experts agree that Coronavirus prevention strategies are similar to what we do to prevent
the flu:
          • Wash your hands in soap and water, regularly
          • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow
          • Avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes
          • If you are feeling unwell, stay home and rest
These measures with the addition of mask wearing and spacial distancing are being practiced to ensure the health and safety or students and staff throughout the school day.
  • Contact the Health Office for any questions or concerns related to illness, absence and return to school.
  • Refer to the attached document "Parent Guideline COVID-19" for details about symptoms, criteria for absence and required medical clearance for return to school after illness during this pandemic.