First Graders Explore Life Cycle of Plants

As the nation celebrated Earth Day on April 22, first graders in the Westfield Public Schools are studying seeds and plants as part of a Life Sciences unit that has youngsters planting seeds and observing the germination process in the classroom before transplanting the healthy seedlings - some in school gardens.

First graders in Alison Schreier’s class at Wilson School recently enjoyed transplanting wax bean, cucumber, and watermelon seedlings into newly built plant beds occupying a sunny spot in the school’s new learning garden.  As part of the unit, the students observe the plant’s growth and change over time while noting the similarities and differences between the seedlings.  As part of active investigations, they learn that plant roots take in water and nutrients, that leaves make food from sunlight, and that seeds are alive and grow into new plants.


Source: Westfield Public Schools